What you need to know about Propecia

Propecia is not a medication that is a household name like some other medications and we think that this is actually quite strange. Namely, it is a medication that is used in order to stop hair loss in men and considering how many men there are out there who are trying to stop this process, it is absolutely incredible that it is not as popular as, let’s say Viagra. The main reason for this, we believe, is that people do not know that much about it and that they are much more exposed to different shampoos and other types of products that are also used for these purposes. We therefore want to inform people about this medication in the hope that they will finally start using something that is proven to work and not something that a fancy commercial tells them works.

Propecia is a medication that came out quite some time ago and it is not the only medication that contains the same active ingredient. Namely, there is also a medication called Proscar which is used in treatment of enlarged prostate. You might think that this is strange to have the same ingredient in two medications for two totally different conditions, but the fact is that the underlying cause is the same for these two.
Namely, there is a hormone called dihydrotestosterone which is created in certain tissues of the body during a reaction between testosterone and something called 5 alpha reductase. The second one is an enzyme that acts on testosterone and creates DHT. DHT is a more aggressive hormone and it has more pronounced effects. These effects include the enlargement of the prostate and the deterioration and the death of follicles in the scalp. That is why the same active ingredient, Finasteride, found in both Propecia and Proscar can treat both of these issues. More precisely, it blocks the actions of the aforementioned enzyme and thus dramatically lowers the levels of DHT.

As a result of this, the DHT stops acting on your hair follicles, which gives them enough room and time to regenerate and to start growing hair again. This is why, with Propecia, not only do you slow down and stop the hair loss process, but you can also reverse it. And this is something that the science stands behind and something that has been proven on a number of occasions. Which is something no other product being advertised for hair loss can claim.

Propecia is a prescription drug, though and you need to make sure that you can take it safely and that you are taking it properly. This is why you need to take it only after you have talked to a professional who has recommended it and who has prescribed it to you. You should never just go online and order Propecia because you heard good stuff about it. It is a medication and it needs to be treated and respected as one.

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